Should we worry about the bubonic plague?

Should We Worry About The Bubonic Plague?
Should We Worry About The Bubonic Plague?

The bubonic plague is a devastating disease that kills your body from the inside out. 75 million people, including over half of Europe's population, were affected by the disease in the 14th century.

Many people are unaware that the plague is still around and it is still taking lives. In 2014, a Chinese man died from the bubonic plague. The plague today is almost the strain as the fatal 14th century pandemic.

It may surprise many to discover that the bubonic plague still exists in developed countries like the United States. In fact, 4 Colorado residents caught the disease after coming into contact with an infected dog this.

Modern medicine and antibiotics have helped combat the symptoms of this deadly illness. Tara discusses the extent to which we should worry about the bubonic plague today.

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