Manhunt continues for man who shot TV meteorologist multiple times in station parking lot


Police are hunting for the person who shot a television meteorologist multiple times in the station's parking lot.

Patrick Crawford, who works for KCEN, in Waco, Texas, was shot two times Wednesday morning following an argument while standing next to his car, according KHOU.

The incident occurred just before 9:00 a.m., according to KCEN. Thirteen shots were fired, police said. Eleven hit Crawford's car, two hit him.

Details are scarce, but KCEN news director Jim Hice told KHOU that he heard several shots fired from a semi-automatic weapon.

"We heard about six or seven gunshots," said Hice. "One right after the other... bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!"

Authorities swarmed the parking lot and told station staff it was Crawford who'd been shot.

"Our stomachs just dropped. The room was stunned," Hice recalled.

Heather Crawford, married to the shooting victim, also works at the station. She spent the night with him at a local hospital, according to KWTX.

Crawford's attacker has yet to be captured, and police have not named any suspects. Neither man reportedly knew each other.

The television personality was getting into his car when the altercation occurred, sped away as he was being shot and was able to get to help at a nearby construction site.

"Once he got to the construction workers, the construction workers took him out of the car, did some first aid on him," police told KVUE.

"He did an excellent job getting in the car speeding off and probably saved his life," an officer told KHOU.

Police are looking for a white male, 30 to 35-years old, with a receding hairline and wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.

No motive has been established.

Crawford, according to KCEN, has undergone surgery and is expected to survive.