Man with special needs receives nearly 2,000 Christmas cards

Man With Special Needs Receives Nearly 2,000 Christmas Cards
Man With Special Needs Receives Nearly 2,000 Christmas Cards

A man with special needs always looks forward to receiving a card from his uncle around Christmas.
When this year's card never came, WXMI reports Donnie Whipple's sister asked her Facebook friends to send her brother a card. The response was overwhelming.

"It's a big deal," someone says off-camera.

"It is. It's a lot," Donnie's sister says.

It all started simply enough. Donnie's sister, Spring Hobbs, tagged 20 of her friends in a Facebook post, asking them to write him a letter. That simple post was shared more than 7,000 times.

At last count, Donnie was nearing 2,000 cards, many from complete strangers, some as far away as England. That's a long way from Cedar Springs, Michigan, where Donnie lives.

A Facebook page dedicated to 50-year-old Donnie and all of his cards gives an address for anyone interested in sending him one.

Donnie has also received cards from 46 states and Canada. His uncle has been contacted to set up a date for them to see each other. It's been 30 years since their last reunion.

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