Dog swims 1.5 miles to reunite with owner after a storm

Man Reunites With Dog Believed To Have Drowned
Man Reunites With Dog Believed To Have Drowned

It's something of a Christmas miracle; a man is reunited with the dog he believed to be dead.

Steve Alioto and his dog, Daisy, lived on a boat anchored in Richardson Bay in Northern California. After a brutal storm last week Steve found that his home had sunk, and thought that his companion had gone down with it.

In actuality, Daisy somehow managed to escape and swim over a mile and a half to shore in the middle of the night. According to KPIX, once on dry land she found the Sausalito Presbyterian Church where she and Steve sometimes went to for a free meal.

That's where a heart-broken Steve was Friday night when Reverend Paul approached him.

"Paul came up to me and said, 'Is your dog's name Babe?'" Babe was Daisy's name before she was owned by Steve. "I said it was. He said, 'on the chip for her, is that still her name?' I said yeah. He goes, 'she's alive.' And I cried so hard,"

This isn't the first dog to be reunited with its owner after a terrible storm. Last year, Moore, OK resident Barbara Garcia's home was destroyed in massive tornado. She feared her dog had died, but she was discovered during a taped interview.

They may have been left homeless, but at least they had each other.

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