People Magazine's Robin Williams cover is biggest seller, Hillary Clinton is worst

People Magazine's Hillary Clinton Issue Biggest Flop of the Year
People Magazine's Hillary Clinton Issue Biggest Flop of the Year

Just because you made it on the cover of a glossy magazine doesn't necessarily mean you've made it: Not every cover girl or guy is a success on the stands. Adweek just released a list of the best and worst celebrity weekly covers of 2014.

The glossy weeklies can always be counted on for their share of tragic and scandal worthy covers because when it comes down to brass tax, tragedy sells. People Magazine sold the most single-copy issues this year across the weeklies. The top grossing cover this year was one of the late Robin Williams.

The cover was released on August 25th, 14 days after the legendary actor took his own life. This issue sold 1,169,800 hundred copies. This beats last years high sale, according to the Alliance for Audited Media's rankings, which had People's highest single-copy sales in 2013 at just over 835K.

The death of Robin Williams also gave In Touch Weekly their biggest seller of the year with 571,780 copies. That cover was released on the same date as the People Magazine issue.

People's worst seller this year goes to Hillary Clinton. The cover featuring Clinton was released June 16 and only sold 503,890 copies. She is smiling on the cover in one of her signature pant suits leaning on a patio chair.

Conservative blogger and fire starter Matt Drudge tweeted this in response to the cover at the time asking: "is clinton holding a walker?" The web exploded over the tweet with both sides of the political aisle sparring over the photo and Drudge's tweet. So, even though the cover was a sales flop, it still went viral over the web.

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