Megatron goes on rant after being asked to take a selfie

Megatron Street Performer Calls Out Selfie Seeker
Megatron Street Performer Calls Out Selfie Seeker


Megatron, feared founder of the Decepticons and all-around scary dude, seems pretty easily agitated -- and one unlucky fan found that out firsthand when she tried to take a selfie in front of him.

In its first 12 hours online, the YouTube video called 'Megatron Speaks the Truth' hit just under a million views.

Uploader Alexandra took the verbal abuse pretty well, and went viral in the process. In an email to Jukin Media, she explained that she was standing near the 'Transformers' ride at Universal Studios Hollywood hoping to snap her now infamous selfie video.

Megatron was not happy to oblige, instead letting loose a rant that would put even Kanye West to shame. (I'mma let you finish, but Megatron had one of the best rants of all time.)

Though it was obviously not very nice, the robot never missed a beat and was rather eloquent, leading Buzzfeed to wonder if perhaps he had been preparing it for a while.

Alexandra, for her part, didn't see it coming. She explained:

"Every half an hour or so, 3 characters from the movie come out to take pictures with fans; Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. I had already been taking lots of videos of other characters around the park all day and figured if I took a selfie video rather than just a picture, it'd be a better souvenir to keep and show my friends. I thought he would just say something insulting and tell me to go (he is the 'meaner' one of the 3) but I never imagined he'd rant for that long! After I stopped the video, he continued to talk to me saying things like (to the next people in the line) 'don't be like this female and ask for a selfie!'"

Apparently Bumblebee was very nice, posing happily for a snap with Alexandra. Maybe the heat got to Megatron, or perhaps he was just having a bad no-hair day and didn't want it caught on tape?

Do you agree with Megatron? Share your thoughts in the comments -- but please, don't sink to Megatron levels of nastiness.

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