Handyman wins $10,000 on his birthday

Handyman Wins $10,000 On His Birthday
Handyman Wins $10,000 On His Birthday

Rick Hall just turned 58 -- and he can celebrate in style, since he also happened to win $10,000.

"Am I reading this right? So, I called my wife in. I said, 'You have to read these numbers,' and she said, 'I think it's a winner,'" Hall told KJRH.

Hall won the Buy Broken Arrow raffle, an annual event involving local businesses in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Participating retailers in the area sold tickets to customers. The winning numbers were drawn December 16th, and Hall took home the biggest cash prize offered.

While winning any amount of money on your birthday is pretty sweet, the fact that Hall's $10,000 "haul" could have been from a stranger shopping at Lowe's makes this story even sweeter.

"I was behind a customer, and he had a fairly large purchase. And the cashier asked him if he wanted his Buy BA tickets, and he said 'No, just give them to the guy behind me,' and so he handed me a lot of tickets. If he's watching this, he'll probably regret doing that because I don't know if it was those tickets or not," Hall says.

Hall plans to spend the money on medical bills he racked up last year after a five-day hospital stay due to an allergic reaction.

Hall is a handyman who specializes in remodeling. The Broken Arrow Ledger says, ironically enough, he's spent almost $10,000 at Lowe's this year -- and he was quick to claim his money, too.

The senior vice president of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce says: "This is the fastest we have ever had a prize claimed. We could not be happier for Ricky and even more thrilled that we were able to hand him a $10,000 check on his birthday."

Hall has been buying the raffle tickets since the event started 20 years ago, so it was about time he got lucky.

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