Family slept while surveillance system captured armed robbery

Family Slept While Surveillance System Captured Armed Robbery
Family Slept While Surveillance System Captured Armed Robbery

A Florida family's sound sleeping during an armed home invasion might have saved their lives.

WPTV reports the Chambers family's surveillance system captured three burglars inside their home early Tuesday morning. The video shows one of the men pointing a gun at the bedroom doors.

"He was pointing it, showing he was ready to shoot if somebody came through those doors," said Mrs. Chambers, who did not wish to reveal her full identity.

Fortunately, no family members woke up and attempted to leave their rooms during the robbery, but they say seeing how close they were to danger has left them "terrified."

After about 20 minutes the burglars left, but not before taking more than $2,000 worth of Christmas gifts.

"We are very blessed that it was just money things, no one was hurt," said Mrs. Chambers.

The Chambers family says they are now considering updating their home's security system and getting guns to protect themselves.

The burglars are believed to have gained entry to the house through a back door left unlocked.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.

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