'AHS' reveals Pepper's back story, lets actress Naomi Grossman explore softer side

'American Horror Story' Reveals Pepper's Tragic Backstory
'American Horror Story' Reveals Pepper's Tragic Backstory

Spoiler Alert: The article and video contain spoilers from the 12/18 episode of 'American Horror Story.'

On Wednesday night's episode of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show,' fans finally learned all about Pepper's surprising and tragic past. Grab some tissues, guys -- this one's definitely a tearjerker.

"Pepper has suffered great losses. I fear that she will perish from loneliness and a broken heart if she does not have someone who loves her," Elsa Mars said on 'American Horror Story.'

The 'Freak Show's' boss, Elsa Mars, revealed she found Pepper at an orphanage back when she was first starting her carnival. Pepper had been left there by her older sister after their mother died.

And after Elsa recruited Pepper for the show, she had to find her a husband to complete her happiness. And that's where Salty came into the picture.

Yes, Salty was Pepper's lover, not her friend or her brother, as the show has previously made them out to be. That helps to explain why Pepper was so completely devastated when Salty mysteriously died during last week's episode.

Come on, where's that tissue?

Then, as if things couldn't get any worse for Pepper, Elsa decided to reunite Pepper with her long lost sister.

If you've seen 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' you know that doesn't turn out so well. Pepper was framed for the murder of her nephew and sent to Briarcliff, an insane asylum.

This softer, less scary side of Pepper definitely does a better job of reflecting the actress who plays her, Naomi Grossman.

Playing Pepper is certainly a challenge -- and Grossman spends hours in the makeup chair to achieve that signature, uh, less-than-attractive look. "'It used to be about six hours with two guys, now it's three hours with one," she revealed to too fab.

"The transformation includes prosthetic nose, brow, ears, hands, fake teeth, "wonky" eye and daily head-shavings. Grossman was only 10 days from her last shave when she visited the toofab studio," the site notes.

Still, even with that endless work, Grossman was elated to take be part of the show. When Grossman was asked to reprise her role as Pepper from the second season of 'AHS,' she didn't know she would get to opportunity to explore Pepper's harrowing past.

The actress told E! Wednesday, "I think the story they wrote for me is infinitely lovelier than even the one I created for myself. ... It's complex and full - like an onion you keep peeling away and there's just more and you cry and cry and cry."

As for whether Pepper will be back for season five, Grossman told People she and the rest of the "AHS" cast aren't sure what the future holds for their characters.

Check out these pics of Jyoti Amge. She's the world's smallest woman and an 'AHS' star:

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