Why wild cheetah populations are declining

Why Wild Cheetah Populations Are Declining
Why Wild Cheetah Populations Are Declining

Cheetahs might be fast, but they aren't the smartest of felines around. The cheetah population is declining in large part because of human influences like climate change and habitat destructions. But some research has suggested that cheetahs are contributing to their own demise.

The cheetah's greatest strength is also one of it's only strengths. They are blessed with super speed but not much else. Once they make a kill bigger, stronger, and sharper animals will often interfere with the meal. As a result, cheetahs are commonly forced to flee, search for new meals, and expend even more energy. They often don't recuperate the energy they expended on a lost hunt or kill.

As Trace explains, the combination of human interference and inefficient hunting has created a problem that is threatening the sustainability of the cheetah's population.

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