Top questions people asked Google in 2014

The Top Questions People Asked Google in 2014

By Keri Lumm

Eugène Ionesco famously said, "It is not the answer that enlightens but the question." Prepare to be enlightened by the questions we asked Google last year.

Back in the old days, parents would tell their kids to "look it up in the dictionary," but now we turn to Google.

Here are the questions people asked most often in 2014:

'What is' Questions:
1. What is ALS?
2. What is Ebola?
3. What is ISIS?
4. What is Bitcoin?
5. What is Asphyxia?
6. What is Gamergate?
7. What is Whatsapp?
8. What is MERS?
9. What is Hamas?
10. What is Airdrop?

'How to' Inquiries:
1. How to Airdrop
2. How to Contour
3. How to Vote
4. How to Kiss
5. How to Craft
6. How to Colorblock
7. How to Wakeboard
8. How to Refurbish
9. How to Delegate
10. How to DIY

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