Sorry guys, but a study has confirmed that men are awful listeners

Study Confirms That Men Are Awful Listeners
Study Confirms That Men Are Awful Listeners

Here's a new study men probably won't want to print out and show their significant others.

Men stop listening to their romantic partners after an average of six minutes, a study by British gambling site Ladbrokes found.

Daily Mail reports that, "The research of 2,000 men found they switch off after just six minutes of chatting with their other half, but regularly pay attention for an entire 15 minutes when discussing football or their sex lives with mates."

Researchers say that men are most likely to tune out when their partner is talking about people they've never met, like co-workers or celebrities. They also zone out when their partner talks about their feelings.

According to the study, these are the top ten topics men are most likely to drift off during:

1. Talk about people they've never met
2. Partner's workmates
3. Celebrities or reality stars
4. Fashion/shopping
5. Other people's relationships
6. What's been said/done on Facebook
7. Horoscopes
8. What partner had for lunch
9. Partner's feelings
10. Dieting/nutrition

On the other hand, men listen to their friends for an average of 25 minutes.

To be fair, the study found that women also listen longer and harder when talking to their friends. And to be even more fair, just remember that this study was conducted by a gambling site, so ... maybe don't bet on the results.

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