Pa. man accused of gunning down 6 relatives killed himself with a sword


The man suspected of fatally stabbing and shooting six relatives and leaving one injured during an early Monday morning killing spree in suburban Philadelphia has been found dead.

Bradley Stone, 35, was found Tuesday in a field about 200-yards from his Pennsburg, Pennsylvania home, law enforcement sources told WPVI. Officials linked the killings to a "contentious" custody battle.

The Marine veteran appears to have taken his own life by plunging a sword into his stomach, according to the station. The sword is also believed to have been used during the murderous rampage, according to WPVI.

Earlier media reports suggested Stone suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in Iraq. But Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Furman refuted those claims in a Tuesday afternoon press conference, saying that he was never diagnosed with the mental disorder.

The accused killer was wearing sand-colored fatigues bearing a tag with his name when authorities found his body.

Reports that a video recorded by the accused killer was found on a cell phone near his body were also refuted by Furman.

it was also revealed that Stone hacked, slashed and shot his way through all three crime scenes.

His victims suffered injuries ranging from multiple gunshots to their head, neck, arms or hands to stab and slash wounds, said Furman.

Authorities spent the past 24 hours searching for the disturbed man but also admitted he likely killed himself. The manhunt occurred out of an abundance of caution, police insisted.

Stone stands accused of fatally shooting ex-wife Nicole Hill Stone, her brother-in-law, daughter, mother, grandmother and niece were also shot dead, according to police.

A 17-year-old male who survived the hellish assault suffered "serious" stab and slash wounds that appeared to be defensive in nature.

"[The teen] was trying to fight off his attacker," said Furman.

Stone's one man war may have been triggered by difficulties in a child custody dispute with his now-dead ex-wife, according to Furman. The pair was engaged in an ongoing battle over their children.

"Just last week, Stone made an effort in court to try to secure emergency custody, that was denied," said Furman.

Hill Stone's two children with the gunman reportedly witnessed their mother's killing and were rushed away from her dead body while hysterically crying, according to reports.

"There' no excuse, there's no valid justification for snuffing out these six lives ... this is a horrific tragedy," a visibly upset Furman told the gathered media throng.

The military vet's only known criminal conviction is for a DWI, according to Furman. He was under supervision by a military court, but that did not bar him from owning firearms.

Stone's current wife and children were immediately taken Monday morning into protective custody.

Body Of Pennsylvania Man Accused In Shooting Spree Found Near Home
Body Of Pennsylvania Man Accused In Shooting Spree Found Near Home

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