J.Law's hunky bodyguard, Apple's incredibly heartbreaking ad & 10 more stories everyone's buzzing about

1. People are going nuts over Jennifer Lawrence's hunky bodyguard.

2. Grab your tissues ... Apple's new holiday commercial is bound to make you tear up.

3. No, it's not a joke. South Dakota just pulled their new safe-driving campaign "Don't Jerk and Drive" for obvious reasons.

4. Australians use #IllRideWithYou hashtag in solidarity with Muslims after hostage news.

5. Drumroll please ... Merriam-Webster announces its word of the year.

6. Bill Nye the Science Guy is back and teaching another generation with something they know well -- Emojis!

7. "Elusive vocal legend" D'Angelo surprise-released his first album in nearly 15 years.

8. Power couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski pranked their pal Jimmy Kimmel big time.

9. Another day, another Kim K headline. Kim explains why she cropped North out of that picture. Yawn.

10. A 10-year-old fan made Justin Timberlake cry on stage.

11. The 17-year-old Stuyvesant High School senior did not, in fact, make $72 million.

12. Britney Spears looks odd on her new magazine cover shoot.