Boy Scouts ordered to pay $7 million over decades-old sex abuse claims


A multimillion-dollar judgment has been awarded to a former Boy Scout who was sexually abused by his scout leader.

A Connecticut Superior Court jury said last week that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will pay $7 million to the accuser, according to the Hartford Courant. The allegations date as far back as the 1970s.

Identified only as "John Doe," the accuser claimed the incidents happened during camping trips and other outings in the New Fairfield area.

The jury found Friday that the organization was liable due to its negligent and reckless actions that led to at least three instances of abuse at the hands of the depraved scout leader.

Files obtained in 2012 through court order by the Los Angeles Times were used as evidence, according to the Courant. The Times posted the documents online.

They painted the picture of a widespread cover-up within BSA that kept decades of abuse allegations from ever seeing the light of day.

Those files were never shared with local chapters or organizations.

"There is no doubt that they were aware of the existence of child sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts of America," attorney for the plaintiff Jennifer Goldstein told the Courant.

BSA was found liable at the national level, but the local Connecticut Yankee Council was surprisingly absolved of guilt following the two-week trial, according to the Courant.

The group declined to comment directly on the case when reached by the Courant, but issued the following statement.

"The Boy Scouts of America appreciates the court's time in the evaluation of this matter. Though we disagree with the findings, we will review the decision and comply accordingly.

"In addition, while we can't comment on the lawsuit, we extend our sympathies to those involved."

The suit is one of two filed against the same scout leader over his actions during 18-years with BSA, according to the Courant.

Boy Scout Troop Leader Accused Of Molesting Kids For 20 Years
Boy Scout Troop Leader Accused Of Molesting Kids For 20 Years

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