'Antiques Roadshow:' French violin bow is appraised at $20K

'Antiques Roadshow:' French Violin Bow Is Appraised at $20K
'Antiques Roadshow:' French Violin Bow Is Appraised at $20K

A woman who worked hard to buy a new violin for $180 back in the 1960s was in for a huge surprise when she got the instrument appraised on Monday night's episode of "Antiques Roadshow."

And while the violin itself was worth a pretty penny, it was the bow that ended up being the real money maker.

"A violin like this these days sells for between $5,000 and $7,000," Claire Givens of Claire Givens Violins, Inc. said on "Antiques Roadshow."

"Very good," said the violin's owner.

"So let's talk about the bow a little bit," said Givens. "I would say a conservative retail figure would be $20,000."

"Oh, my goodness," said the violin's owner.

The violin's owner said she went door-to-door selling Krispy Kreme donuts back in 1963, so she could raise enough money to pay for the instrument.

She said she raised a little under half of the price, and her parents came up with the rest of the money. However, the violin didn't come with a bow.

So her father gave her an old bow he hadn't used in years. He said it was French, but he didn't know much else about it.

So, naturally, the violin's owner was happy to hear the German violin itself was worth more than $5,000.

But she was absolutely shocked when the French Sartory bow was appraised at $20,000.

Fans on Twitter were just as floored by the bow's huge price tag in comparison to the violin itself. Talk about a plot twist.

But the owner isn't planning on cashing in on the violin or the bow any time soon.

She says she hopes to give it to one of her grandchildren, and she hopes she can find gifts that are just as good for the rest of them.

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