'Alpha males' prefer hotter food

'Alpha Males' Like It Hotter
'Alpha Males' Like It Hotter

A study out of France suggests if you want to man up - you gotta get hotter.

Researchers at a university in France published a report suggesting that regular consumption of spicy food might boost testosterone levels.

The hormone is found in both men and women and plays a part in strength and muscle growth.

Previous studies also claim more testosterone means a bigger sex drive and possibly even riskier financial decisions - which are both characteristics of the typical "alpha male."

In the study, 114 men between 18 and 44 years old were given a sample of mashed potatoes with different amounts of chili pepper sauce and salt. And though the researchers didn't test their levels before they ate, they did find that those who chose the spicier potatoes had higher levels of the hormone.

Researchers noted that regular consumption of spicier dishes and an increase in testosterone levels has only been demonstrated in a controlled experiment with mice.

In case your taste buds aren't fond of more fiery foods, there are other ways to boost testosterone.

Taking vitamin D3 supplements, Omega-3 fish oil, regular exercise and low stress are other options.

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