Puppy finds human bones on Massachusetts beach

Human Remains Found On Massachusetts Beach
Human Remains Found On Massachusetts Beach

Bill Barrett says he was walking his dog along Plum Island beach in Massachusetts when they came across what looked like human bones.

He told WCVB, "We were just out for a walk on the beach with the dog... So we walked over there, and I said, No, leave it.' It was the lower half of the leg with foot still attached sock on the foot."

"It's a disturbing thing to find on your beach you walk every day," he later reported to WBZ-TV.

Police were called in and conducted a sweep of the shore and found more body parts in the area.

The next day more bones were found as the tide changed. They plan to monitor the area over the next few days in case more remains wash up.

Police confirmed on Sunday that the bones belonged to a human, not an animal. Processing of the remains is expected to take several days. Barrett told WCVB that the remains appeared to be from an adult male.

"Could have been a man or a woman, but the sock was big enough that it looked like a guy," Barrett said.

Currently, police are revisiting missing persons cases.

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