Officers surprise families with early Christmas

Officers Surprise Four Families With Early Christmas
Officers Surprise Four Families With Early Christmas

Some of Santa's elves must be in law enforcement. Police in San Diego delivered gifts for the man in red to four very deserving families.

"The kids were nominated by their schools, students who are doing well, despite the hardships that they face at home," KGTV reporter Marie Coronel says.

"It means a lot, we've been through a lot of stuff, and yeah, we're really happy," recipient Nancy Mejia says.

The police officers gave the families presents, food and money, which was collected by the Filipino-American Law Enforcement Officers Association, whose members are both active and retired law enforcement personnel.

"Definitely brings our spirits up," recipient Randy Goldberg says.

This is the second year in a row Santa has asked the officers to help out San Diego area families -- and ol' Saint Nick has been hitting up the men and women in blue this year. Last week, a police officer pulled people over at a routine traffic stop and surprised them with gifts from their wish lists.

"This just turned my bad day into a good one," one woman says.

"What? Are you joking?" another woman asks.

"No, it just fell off the back of a truck, you didn't see the guy in the red sleigh? Sorry the wrap job isn't perfect, it's a little windy out," Officer Scot VanSolkema says.

"How did you do this?" the woman asks.

After the Grinch stole gifts from under a Minnesota family's Christmas tree, officers again stepped up.

"Hopkins Police had a plan of their own, surprising the Hills by replacing almost all of the $600 worth of gifts that were stolen," KMSP reporter Leah Beno says.

"Thank you so much," mother Maritha Hill says.

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