Mysterious creature spotted in Google Earth image

Mysterious Creature Spotted In Google Earth Image
Mysterious Creature Spotted In Google Earth Image

Google Earth is getting a few more hits lately.

An image has many suspecting that a giant sea creature is lurking in New Zealand waters. An engineer reportedly spotted the being in the Oke Bay while researching the area before heading there for vacation.

But it's worth noting, no marine biologists, oceanographers, or, well, an expert who isn't just a guy on the Internet coming across a Google map photo has weighed in on this yet.

The engineer still had his own thoughts to share. He said it was too big to be a shark, and moving too fast to be a whale.

He claims a boat isn't a likely culprit because there's no white ripples from a motor. He suspects the alleged monster stretches around 40 feet... which sounds a lot like another mysterious creature.

The possibility that this could be the infamous Loch Ness monster has been brought up around the area. Last year beach goers at Magnetic Island in Australia thought they caught a glimpse of ol' Nessie, but others suspected it was just a piece of a tree or boat floating in the water.

But we've learned by now that images like these taken from the ground or a satellite can rarely be trusted.

Earlier this year a sleepy seaside town in the U.K. became a huge attraction when a satellite image pictured what looked like a gigantic crab near a harbor. The colossal crustacean was dubbed 'Crabzilla' but experts quickly called it a hoax ...

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