Celebrities who made Santa's naughty list


He's seen them when they're sleeping--around. He knows when they're awake--or punching Drake.

Santa is well aware of the famous faces who have been bad and good this year, but we're only showcasing the bad, for goodness sake!

To ensure jolly, old Saint Nick doesn't leave any not-so-nice celebs off his coal-gifting list, we've compiled our very own naughty A-list.

You better watch out for Justin Bieber who was arrested for driving under the influence early this year. You better not cry over Ariana Grande's diva-like behavior even though she prefers to be carried like a sad baby. And you better not pout as you behold our rundown of the shameless Hollywood superstars who may want to dive headfirst into their holiday stockings and hide until next year.

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