Vending machine makes snacking harder

Vending Machine Makes Snacking Harder
Vending Machine Makes Snacking Harder

Snacking is about to get a whole lot harder.

This new vending machine, dubbed Luce X2 Touch TV, uses facial recognition technology to remind you that those chips are only good for your tastebuds.

A writer for The Telegraph explains, "The machines are able to identify and greet a user, remember a person's preferences and even refuse to vend a certain product based on a shopper's age, medical record, dietary requirements or purchase history."

But the technology isn't there to crush your delicious hopes and dreams. It can also be used for good - like keeping children from buying cigarettes.

So far Luce has only been introduced in the United Kingdom - so if you're a frequent snacker at school or the office elsewhere, we suggest you take full advantage before you're stuck bringing food from home.