Century-old shipwreck found in Bay Area

Century-Old Shipwreck Found In Bay Area
Century-Old Shipwreck Found In Bay Area

The first modern images of San Francisco's deadliest shipwreck were released this week.

Known as "the Titanic of the Golden Gate," the SS City of Rio de Janeiro sank in 1901 and more than half of the 210 passengers and crew members died in the tragedy. The ship was carrying mostly Chinese and Japanese immigrants.

Both the captain and pilot were found guilty of gross negligence.

Now, more than a century later scientists located where it landed on the ocean bed. The find was part of a two-year study to discover and document shipwrecks around the area.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration took these 3D and sonar images of what was once the Bay Area's biggest maritime mysteries.

Director of maritime heritage for the NOAA explained the recent discovery in the San Francisco bay will help "...to learn more about its maritime heritage as well as to test recent advances in technology that will allow us to better protect and understand the rich stories found beneath the Bay's waters."

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