Anchors remain surprisingly calm after mouse falls from ceiling

News Anchor Surpisingly Chill After Mouse Falls From Ceiling
News Anchor Surpisingly Chill After Mouse Falls From Ceiling

A live broadcast on KOMU in Columbia, Missouri, was going swimmingly ... until a rodent with anchor aspirations dropped from the ceiling during a story.

"I think we found our mouse. We found our mouse, you guys," KOMU anchor Christian Bryant says.

"You would not believe the chaos. You guys have never killed a mouse before I take it," co-anchor Angie Bailey says.

"He is tiny, too," Bryant says.

Bryant told Newsy that he got to KOMU at 4:30 in the morning on December 9 and was told people were hearing "scurrying" noises. He forgot about it, and an hour later ... the mouse fell from the ceiling.

"To my left, there is the reporter and the floor director. And you see this thing, like, fall from the sky. It just fell from the ceiling. ... And they just drop whatever stuff they have and just ran to the other side of the studio. ... It was this tiny field mouse and it had a long tail and it was brown," Bryant said.

The TV station is right near a farm, so Bryant says sometimes the smell of cow manure wafts in, but the cows never invite themselves in like this mouse friend did.

The mouse got away after the fall, and Bryant says everyone blamed him for not catching it.

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