12/13/14 is a big day for weddings

Going to the Chapel: 12/13/14 Is a Big Day for Weddings
Going to the Chapel: 12/13/14 Is a Big Day for Weddings

Saturday is going to be a big day for couples to say "I do" because of the date: 12/13/14.

The Victoria Wedding Chapel in Waterford, Michigan, for example, is set to host six weddings. WXYZ reports all the couples will be using the same Christmas-themed decor and minister to keep things moving. It spoke to one of the brides getting hitched this weekend.

"It's always been a great number in my family. My grandma has always loved the number 13," Kelli Fillio said.

The CEO of David's Bridal told the Chicago Tribune, "Many couples like the idea of the numerology and think it can be good luck."

The company told the paper more than 13,000 weddings have been registered in its system for 12/13/14 -- a significant increase from last year when just over 6,600 weddings were registered for the same weekend.

Though December isn't usually the most popular month for weddings, plenty of venues around the country have been forced to turn potential customers away this year.

"We've gotten 20 requests for the day since we booked it [a few months back]," the production manager of The Foundry in Long Island City told the New York Post back in July.

The one place a married-couple-to-be might still be able to get married Saturday is Las Vegas. Wedding chapels in the city have been advertising 12/13/14 wedding packages for months, starting as low as just $300.

Sequential-numbered wedding dates have gotten a lot of attention since the turn of the century.

One in particular was July 7, 2007, or 7/7/7, when The Knot reported 52,000 couples wed on what they considered to be a very lucky day.

And if you're a math-loving person hoping to get hitched in the next few years, The Smithsonian has you covered.

It reports some other "fun dates for math lovers" are 11/13/17, which are all prime numbers, and 08/13/21, which consists of numbers from the Fibonacci sequence.

If you really want to wait for the next sequential-number date to roll around, you're going to be engaged for a while. It won't happen until 1/2/34, about two decades away.

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