Where's 'David After Dentist' star now?

Throwback Thursday: Where's 'David After Dentist' Star Now?
Throwback Thursday: Where's 'David After Dentist' Star Now?

"I didn't feel anything. ... Is this real life?" David Devore Jr. asked.
"Yeah, this is real life," David's father, David Devore Sr. said.

Yes, this is the oldie-but-goodie viral YouTube video "David After Dentist." His father filmed then 7-year-old David back in May of 2008 right after having a tooth removed.

"You have four eyes" David said.
"Yeah," his father replied.
"I feel, I feel funny. Why is this happening to me?" David said.

Clearly, the anesthesia hadn't worn off quite yet when David's father took the video.

But David's realization that yes, he has two fingers and his silly, medication-infused musings about life have raked in more than 127 million views on YouTube.

And all those views ended up putting money in the bank for the Devores. According to The Washington Post, the Devores had earned more than $100,000 by spring of 2010 from merchandise sales and ad revenue.

The "David After Dentist" vid even made it into Vizio's 2010 Super Bowl commercial, which also featured video of Beyonce.

So where is David now? Well, first off, he's 14 years old. He's in the eighth grade. And he's now a big football player. That's him running with the team's flag.

And even after all these years, people still seem to want to copy the once-pint-sized cutie with their own "After Dentist" videos.

Like Cody Lanphere, who broke into sobs after learning his idol, Beyonce, wasn't there to console him after waking up from dental surgery.

There seems to be some strange correlation between the pop star and everyday folks starring in "After Dentist" videos.

David even has his own celebrity copycat.

"Is this real life? ... Okay, now... Okay, now I have two fingers," Joseph Gordon-Levitt said while impersonating David.

And David might soon turn into a celebrity himself. According to IMDb, he's got a part in the movie "The Chronicles of Rick Roll" premiering in 2016.

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