'Wheel of Fortune' audience member may be most awkward ever

The Most Awkward 'Wheel Of Fortune
The Most Awkward 'Wheel Of Fortune

What would you do with 15 seconds of fame? Flash your pearly whites? Panic? Maybe give a shoutout to your grandma?

One young gentleman was recently given a moment to shine on "Wheel of Fortune," and he decided to use the opportunity to be as awkward as possible.

Even Pat Sajak couldn't let the moment go without a comment, noting "Brandon will be off the medication any day."

While it looks like that contestant and his friend planned their awkwardness to achieve some fleeting viral fame, "Wheel Of Fortune" has hosted more than its fair share of cringe-worthy moments.

Take for example the time Pat Sajack congratulated a contestant on his engagement. While introducing contestant T.K. Klotz, Sajack said, "Some woman has agreed to marry you." Klotz corrected him, "Some gentleman."

There was also that time a contestant was a little too eager to get her tropical vacation started.

Contestant Rachel Brill had a nearly complete puzzle and answered, "Boozing My Shore Excursion." Huh? The correct answer was "Booking My Shore Excursion."

But nothing tops the time Julian Batts blew the chance at $1 million, fully solving the puzzle but mispronouncing "Achilles."

Come one people! You're on national television. Get it together!

Check out some vintage 'Wheel' pics:

And watch that clip again:

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