The moment a teen suicide bomber targeted a Kabul high school play denouncing the attacks


Shocking video has emerged of a suicide bombing believed by authorities to have been carried out by an Afghan teen during a play against such attacks.

The bomber hit the French Cultural Center at Kabul's Lycee Estequal High School during a student play, authorities said. One person has been confirmed dead and more than a dozen injured.

Authorities have not said if the person killed was the bomber. Sixteen others suffered injuries, Reuters reported. Their status is not known.

Eerie footage shows the calm audience watching students perform on stage just before the blast goes off. Their dramatic play was in defiance of suicide bombings, according to Reuters.

The thunderous explosion can be heard echoing through the performance hall just after a bright flash of light, which occurred about 20 minutes into the drama, sources told the BBC.

People can be heard crying and screaming for their children as the video goes black.

"Maria, Maria," a woman can be heard calling out.

Others cry as the person capturing the video fumbles to turn off the phone amid the chaos in the packed auditorium. About 500 people attended the play, authorities said.

A Taliban spokesperson told Reuters the play was bombed in response to it being staged "to insult Islamic values and spread propaganda about our jihad operations, especially on suicide attacks".

The video was posted to Facebook by Mina Rezaee, a woman living in Kabul.

A separate suicide attack earlier in the day killed six soldiers, according to reports.

Post by Mina Rezaee.

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