The cast of 'The NeverEnding Story,' 30 years later

'The Neverending Story' 30th Anniversary: Where Are They Now?
'The Neverending Story' 30th Anniversary: Where Are They Now?

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic '80s film, 22 Vision caught up with Atreyu, Bastian and the beautiful Childlike Empress.

After leaving Fantasia, "The NeverEnding Story" kids all grew up into successful adults. Thirty years later, this classic story's interest appears to be, well ... you can probably see where we're going with this.

Noah Hathaway (ATREYU):
Noah Hathaway played Atreyu, the young warrior summoned to defeat an evil force threatening the mythical land of Fantasia. His portrayal of this brave fighter was not only critically acclaimed, but also launched him into "teen hearthrob" status.

These days, the ever-so-handsome Noah is still acting, most recently appearing in the film "Sushi Girl." Noah is also a martial arts instructor and tattoo artist in Los Angeles.

22 Vision Fun Fact: Contrary to an Internet rumor, the horse that played Artax did not really die during the filming of the Swamp of Sadness scene. In fact, the horse was actually given to Noah Hathaway after filming as a gift. Due to the cost the horse was left behind in Germany.

Barrett Oliver (BASTIAN):
The role of Bastian was played by newcomer Barrett Oliver. After "The NeverEnding Story," Barrett continued to star in numerous films, including the title role of the robot/boy in "D.A.R.Y.L." and David in the Ron Howard film "Cocoon" and its sequel, "Cocoon: The Return."

Nowadays, Barrett resides in Los Angeles where he's a successful photographer, printer, teacher and author. An expert on 19th century film processing, Barrett has even published a book on the subject. It's only fitting that the actor who played the little avid reader would grow up to become an author.

The Childlike Empress was played by the beautiful Tami Stronach. This talented 11-year-old was attending theater class in San Francisco when she caught the attention of a local casting director. Tami beat out hundreds of other actresses for the role even though she initially believed she was auditioning for a small film, not a major motion picture.

After "The NeverEnding Story," Tami began to focus on another passion: dance. Today, she's a well-respected choreographer in New York and currently runs her own dance studio, Tami Stronach Dance, in addition to being an assistant professor of dance at Marymount Manhattan College. To catch Tami's upcoming performances, check out her site.

In addition to being a busy mom, Tami continues to act professionally as well. She, along with three other actors who are also parents with young children, recently launched the Shoehorn Theater, whose mission is to create high quality performances for family audiences. Their first production "Light, a Dark Comedy" is currently in production.

Tami hopes that the parents she entertained as a child will now bring their kids to Shoehorn so that the story can go on. (Get it?)

22 Vision Fun Fact: Tami lost both of her canine teeth shortly before filming and had to wear fake teeth (also known as flippers) during her scenes in the film, initially causing her to speak with a slight lisp.

Ever wonder where the AURYN necklace is today? Well, the actual screen used prop currently resides in a glass box in Steven Spielberg's office. Director Wolfgang Pederson gave this gift to Spielberg as a thank you for him giving notes on an early cut of the film.

Check out 22 to catch up with casts from other classic films and TV shows, as well as other fun stuff like "The Little Rascals" reunion.

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