#TBT: Robert Pattinson was an adorable blonde baby

#ThrowbackThursday with Robert Pattinson: Adorable Tot
#ThrowbackThursday with Robert Pattinson: Adorable Tot

Before Robert Pattinson was winning your heart as one of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs, he was a blonde-haired toddler tearing up the streets of London.

Check out these snaps of the movie star when he was around three years old and you can probably see where he gets his love for dressing up.

In one photo from the family album, Pattinson is seen wearing a soldier's helmet and holding a toy gun, while in another, he looks like one of the strong-arms of the law while eating a sandwich.

Even the most die-hard fans would struggle to recognize the future star with that mop of blond hair and 1980s attire.

Then again, that smile looks pretty familiar. You have to admit, he's pretty cute for a vampire.

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