Lonely Planet's top travel destination in 2015 is ... Queens?!

You'll Never Guess Lonely Planet's Top Travel Destination in 2015
You'll Never Guess Lonely Planet's Top Travel Destination in 2015

Pack your bags! Book your tickets! Gas up the car! It's time for a vacation! Travel authority Lonely Planet has announced the 2015 travel destination in the US. Sorry, locals -- the streets are about to get a whole lot busier in ... Queens?!

Yes, beautiful Queens, New York, tops Lonely Planet's list as the hot spot next year. Even though it's the largest of the five boroughs in New York City, you probably only know it as the home of that scene in 'Men in Black' with the spaceships (which are actually from the 1964 Worlds Fair and they're not even supposed to be spaceships).

Queens, according to Lonely Planet, is a whole lot more than that. The travel site writes: "In recent years, Queens has seen the rise of microbreweries, boutique hotels, a reinvented seaside and a burgeoning art scene -- all of which has given a big boost to local pride."

Rockaway Beach, which lies in the furthest part of the borough, (and was immortalized by the Ramones) has undergone massive restoration following the devastation from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The area is almost fully recovered and now boasts a flurry of new shops and restaurants. Plus, you can get to it on the subway.

Of course there's also plenty to eat. While the area is famous for Greek food, there are tons and tons of other options worth ditching Manhattan for.

Recently, the NYT noted, "The Michelin Guide just anointed four Queens restaurants with the coveted star. Ridgewood is being heralded as the new Bushwick."

Beloved local restaurants like Queens Comfort (famous for decadent and creative takes on comfort food -- order the Capt'N crunch French toast, you won't regret it) and The Sparrow are so delish, they were voted to appear on The Food Channel's super popular show 'Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives.'

If you're planning a trip Queens to check out the beach or the new microbreweries, you can stay in one of the many new boutique hotels that are popping up in revamped industrial spaces.

The Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City, Queens, is a chic and trendy destination. The Paper Factory Hotel is literally built in a refurbished 100-year-old paper factory.

Convinced that you've found your next vacation spot? Local blog 'We Heart Queens' can help you figure out what to do during your stay.

Queens notoriously takes the bronze when it comes to New York City. It's hard to compete with Manhattan's Empire State Building, Broadway musicals, Brooklyn's hipsters and Jay Z. But, finally, the little borough that could is stepping into the sun.

Your move, Staten Island.

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