How to host a winter wine and cheese night

By Fashionable Hostess

There's nothing better than cozying in on your couch on a cold winter night with friends, great wine and a complimentary selection of cheeses. So what's a great cold weather wine and delicious cheese to match back? I had to ask my friends over at Uproot for their recommendation.

The Uproot team said to serve up their 'Cabernet Sauvignon' because it's like the comfort food of wine. Rich and complex flavors make it the perfect wine to drink fireside, while watching a movie, or entertaining friends. Then the best cheeses to match back to red wine... Any bold cheese works well, though Cabernet pairs especially well with intense and salty cheeses, smoked or aged cheddars and goudas, parmigiano reggiano, aged manchego, and pecorino. One fun tip they recommend... 'Pair locally when it comes to wines and cheeses' ie. choose ones that come from the same region. The Uproot team loves serving California wines with California cheeses. A perfect match to their Cabernet Sauvignon is Midnight Moon goat's milk gouda.

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