Fuhgeddaboudit! Watch Kate Middleton roll her eyes at a New Yorker

Kate Middleton's Viral Eye-Roll Video During U.S. Visit
Kate Middleton's Viral Eye-Roll Video During U.S. Visit


Don't let that prim and proper breeding fool you --- Kate Middleton has a sassy side.

Middleton had a no-nonsense attitude on Monday toward a woman at a children's center who gave her grief over her gift-wrapping skills.

In a funny and candid video, the 32-year-old royal is seen delicately wrapping presents at the Northside Center for Child Development until a woman walks behind her and gruffly says, "Keep wrapping."

Middleton responds with – gah – an eye roll! Yes, Prince William's buttoned-up ladylove shrugged off the woman's testy comment by smiling and rolling her eyes away from her.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

The charming moment is actually a nice reminder that Middleton is a human with normal feelings – we'd probably be peeved by the gift-wrapping narc too.

The children's center was one of many stops Middleton made during her visit to the Big Apple with William. The duo also met LeBron James, chatted with Beyoncé and Jay Z at an NBA game, visited with the Clintons, toured the 9/11 memorial and attended several galas and receptions.

We thought Kate's stunning attire and chance encounter with Bey and J was the highlights of their trip, but this eye roll is everything.

We wonder if Kate ever tries this trick out on the Queen!

Check out Kate and Will's NYC visit: