'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman regifts her sister's stuff to her for Christmas

'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman Regifts Her Sisters' Stuff
'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman Regifts Her Sisters' Stuff

On a special holiday edition of TLC's "Extreme Cheapskates," one woman's Christmas gifts to her sisters definitely looked a little familiar.

"Great! Let me see what my sister got me this year. Sarah, you cannot be serious," said Ernisha Randolph on "Extreme Cheapskates."

"I knew you were gonna love them! You were looking for them, right?" replied her sister, Sarah Gracel.

Talk about a grinch! Sarah Gracel admitted to stealing her sisters' expensive sunglasses and purse earlier in the year just so she could give them back as "gifts" on Christmas morning.

It didn't stop there. She unsuccessfully tried to hang ornaments made of soda cans, cookie cutters and red Solo cups on her family's Christmas tree.

"I don't get it!" said Sarah Gracel on "Extreme Cheapskates."

"Not this year, sister girl," said Sarah's grandmother.

And she even refused to buy herself a real stocking to hang on the wall, opting to use one of her really thick socks instead.

Viewers on Twitter were shaking their heads just as much as we were at Sarah's cheapskate ways.

Still, she did manage to get away with spending only $20 during one of the most expensive times of the year

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