'Extreme Cheapskates': Woman Makes Gross Holiday 'Churkey'

'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman Makes Gross Holiday 'Churkey'

The holiday season is finally here. And even those among us who are incredibly cheap have to find a way to celebrate too.

One particularly thrifty mother featured on TLC's "Extreme Cheapskates'" Christmas edition decided to serve an, um, interesting holiday creation at her family Christmas dinner to save a few bucks.

"I am going to make a turkey out of chicken," Shelley Watson said on "Extreme Cheapskates."

"What?" her daughters asked.

"We'll sew together some pieces," Watson replied.

"Sew 'em together?" her daughters asked.

"I'm going to sew 'em together and make a big turkey," Watson said.

"No. Mom, no," her daughters said.

"A churkey. We'll make a churkey," Watson said.

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'Extreme Cheapskates': Woman Makes Gross Holiday 'Churkey'

Yep, Shelley Watson decided to whip up a turkey made out of discounted chicken she found at a salvage grocery store.

And to her daughters' disgust, the chicken Shelley bought to make her 'churkey' was either expired or the packaging was tampered with.

But hey, at least all of the groceries needed to feed Shelley's 50 relatives only cost her $40, right?

And she managed to get the party decorations for free after constructing her very own Christmas tree and begging her neighbors to borrow their decorations for the backyard.

Not surprisingly, the end product of the Christmas churkey looked anything but appetizing.

Shelley's family was nice enough to give it a try, but no one was brave enough to go back for seconds. Probably a good move there, guys.

Fans on Twitter weren't nearly as kind. Viewers said they were speechless and disgusted by Shelley's cheapskate Christmas, especially the churkey.

But you and your churkey aren't alone, Shelley!

Even Tyler Perry's Madea admitted to preparing churkey on Thanksgiving last year.

"Go get you a chicken, baste it up real good and stuff it, it's gonna taste just the same. Might be even better because that turkey can be a little dry sometimes. And we call it a churkey."

Uh, yeah. Happy holidays, cheapskates!

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