Bundle of balloons explode during wedding photos

Balloons Explode at Wedding
Balloons Explode at Wedding


There are lots of ways weddings can go wrong, and most couples expect the unexpected -- but we're pretty sure no bride in history has ever worried about exploding balloons.

While the beautiful bride and groom stood outside with their wedding party in Manado, Indonesia, some well-meaning people (according to YouTube, one guy was their photographer) tried to separate a bundle of balloons.

No big deal, right? How helpful, you say. Well, we should probably mention that their tool of choice was a lighter. Did these people not pay attention in science class?!

Since the balloons were over filled with hydrogen, the flame quickly made the balloons explode, sending gold-clad bridesmaids scrambling for cover.

A commenter noted that the words we're hearing over and over roughly translate to "gosh!," but we wouldn't blame these folks if there was a lot of "$%@!%^^!#&^*!!!" and a few "HOLY @$^!?!@&*" thrown in there.

Though everyone was incredibly shaken up, nobody was hurt in the extremely dangerous blast. We're pretty sure the bride wishes she had said 'I do' to some different balloon handlers, though perhaps this is a sign that their union is a lucky one. Either way, here's hoping those men learned their lesson.

Uploaded in September, the video is just now going viral.

Does this mess pale in comparison to drama at your wedding? Share your stories in the comments below -- and please, don't try this at home (or anywhere, for that matter).

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