Why Tori Spelling was hospitalized while filming 'True Tori'

Why Tori Spelling Was Hospitalized While Filming 'True Tori'
Why Tori Spelling Was Hospitalized While Filming 'True Tori'

We finally got to see how Tori Spelling's hospital scare came about in the season finale of "True Tori."

"You know, she can't talk. She's running fevers, chills. She's done for the day. She, I mean, she can't film anything," said Dean McDermott on "True Tori."

Spelling was so sick, she even asked her producers to shut down the show at one point.
Several media outlets, including TMZ, originally reported that it was possible Tori had contracted Ebola, and she was put in quarantine.

But fortunately, that wasn't the case, and after 13 days in the hospital, Tori was sent home with her therapist's plea to take better care of herself. The show has left viewers wondering if she and husband Dean McDermott's rocky relationship will make it.

But in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Tori says the couple is doing much better.

"We can only go day by day, because, you know, we are working on things. Today, we're stronger than ever. We're really great. We're in a really great place," Tori Spelling said on "Access Hollywood."

But not everyone is convinced. According to Hollywood Life, Dean McDermott's 16-year-old son, Jack, reportedly wants the show to be canceled "because he can't stand the pain of watching his family fall apart."

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