How to make a nut brittle block to ship as a holiday gift

How to Make a Nut Brittle Block to Ship as a Holiday Gift
How to Make a Nut Brittle Block to Ship as a Holiday Gift

This year if you want to send something homemade, why not try a simple but impressive treat? Peanut brittle is fast and easy to make, and it ships wonderfully!

Martha shows you how to make nut brittle in a perfectly shippable way! In the package she also encloses a special touch – a hammer to break the brittle and directions on how to serve.

How to make a nut brittle:

  1. Put a half a cup of corn syrup in a heavy bottom sauce pan

  2. Add a quarter of a cup of cold water

  3. Add one and a half cups of granulated sugar

  4. Add a a pinch of salt

  5. Let the sugar melt in the liquid

  6. To avoid crystallization, brush the sides of the pot with water

  7. When the corn syrup mixture reaches 238F, add two and a half cups of peanuts

  8. Continue boiling until the syrup reaches a nice amber color

  9. Make sure every peanut is coated

  10. Add one teaspoon of high quality of vanilla extract

  11. Finally, add one teaspoon of baking soda

  12. Remove it from the heat and pour it into your prepared pan.

See the video for more details.

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