Homeowner writes message to 'Grinch' who stole Christmas decorations

Homeowner's Message to 'Grinch' Who Stole Christmas Decorations
Homeowner's Message to 'Grinch' Who Stole Christmas Decorations

CITRUS HEIGHTS (KTXL) - Two Citrus Heights families woke up Sunday morning to see all of their Christmas decorations had been taken from their yards.

One of those homeowners now has a message for whomever stole their decorations.

Two families in Citrus Heights woke up to find their Christmas decorations missing from their home. One family left a message for the thief on their garage door, reading, "Dear Mr. Grinch, Bring back my Christmas trees! And my neighbor's Penguins! You can't STEAL our Christmas!! WTF!?!"

The houses are on the corner of Bridgemont Way and Wonner Way, just west of Cripple Creek.

So, who would steal Christmas decorations? The families are currently stumped, but one of the homeowners hung a sign out front urging the "Grinch" who stole Christmas to bring back their things.

Other neighbors in the area were shocked when they heard about the theft.

The other homeowner says the family has ramped up security efforts on their property to prevent anymore theft.

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