Hikers walk on jaw-dropping crystal clear ice in Slovak mountains

Hikers Walk on Crystal Clear Ice in Slovak Mountains
Hikers Walk on Crystal Clear Ice in Slovak Mountains


Tomas Nunuk, from Bratislava, Slovakia, was hiking through the High Tatras Mountains in northern Slovakia with a friend on Nov. 30 when snowy conditions forced the pair to veer away from their planned route.

The adventurous friends headed over toward a nearby lake and were stunned to discover that it was completely frozen over.

"What we saw surprised us -- lake completely frozen with crystal glass-like ice ... so we try to walk little bit on it," Nunuk told Storyful.

The video opens up with a shot of Nunuk's friend, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain range, blue sky -- and his reflection on the frozen lake in a gorgeous mirror-effect. Nunuk then records his feet seemingly floating across the glassy ice.

Sometimes it really is worth it to take the road less traveled!

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