Twin surprises his brother on their 30th birthday after 10 years apart

Twin Surprises His Brother on Their 30th Birthday
Twin Surprises His Brother on Their 30th Birthday

For their 30th birthday, Geoffrey decided to surprise his fraternal twin brother Michael. Since they live on opposite coasts, they haven't been in the same room for nearly ten years.

Geoffery, who resides in Massachusetts, hadn't been able to visit his brother since he moved to Northern California almost a decade ago. For the big 3-0, Geoffery and his fiancée captured the emotional moment on camera when his brother got the surprise of a lifetime at a restaurant in San Francisco.

When Geoffrey clapped his hands over his brother's eyes and said," guess who!" Michael truly had no idea who has interrupted his meal. When he turned around, his jaw dropped. After he regained his composure, he pulled Geoffrey in for an emotional hug.

"I haven't been able to visit my twin brother since he moved from the east coast to Northern California almost 10 years ago. I've wanted to visit badly, but because of money, work, etc I just haven't been able to make it happen," Geoffrey told StoryFul.

"Finally my fiancée and I planned a trip to fly out and surprise him on our 30th birthday. He was eating a birthday lunch in San Francisco with his girlfriend (who helped set it up) when we snuck in and surprised him. I think what makes this video so touching is his honest reaction of love, his genuine shock, and a special family moment that everyone can relate to on some level."

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