Romantic boyfriend creates the ultimate Christmas proposal

Romantic Boyfriend Tyne Creates the Ultimate Christmas Proposal
Romantic Boyfriend Tyne Creates the Ultimate Christmas Proposal

Jamie thought she was simply standing in for a family photograph on Christmas Eve 2013 when her boyfriend Tyne sprung a seasonal, life-changing surprise on her -- and now, the heartwarming moment is going viral.

The family's T-shirts originally spelled out 'Merry Xmas' until they rearranged themselves -- without Jamie noticing -- to spell out 'Marry Me' as the photo was being taken.

With the whole clan in on the secret, lots could have gone wrong, but luckily, everything fell perfectly into place to create the ultimate proposal.

Once the photo was taken, Jamie was asked to take a look at it on the camera. As she climbed the chair to check it out, her boyfriend knelt behind her -- waiting for her to figure out what was going on.

As soon as she read out the words 'Marry Me,' she became hysterical and turned around to find her boyfriend on his one knee. Tyne could barely get any words out over Jamie's happy sobs, but a simple 'Will you marry me?' was perfect after his elaborate surprise.

Credit: YouTube/Kerry Langdon Down

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