Mom says roommate kidnapped her baby in fake pregnancy scheme

Mom Says Roommate Kidnapped Her Baby in Fake Pregnancy Scam
Mom Says Roommate Kidnapped Her Baby in Fake Pregnancy Scam

"That's an awful feeling -- waking up to your baby not here and the person you thought was your friend steal your baby out of your possession after you did all of this for her."

That's what Juanita Gibson says happened to her. The mother to a one-month-old baby boy says her roommate, Desarai Kemp, stole her baby and then tried to set their apartment on fire.

Police say Kemp kidnapped the baby and stole a car from Gibson, then fled the apartment to another home. That's where police used GPS tracking in the car to find Kemp and the baby.

The story gets stranger than that. Kemp had reportedly told Gibson she was pregnant, but when police arrested Kemp, officers say they found out she was instead using a fake stomach to make it look like she was expecting.

Oddly enough, these fake-pregnancy crime schemes have happened before. Just take a look at all these headlines.

While they make for some weird crime stories, the fake bellies are easily available for purchase online, though they're more often advertised as "funny" fakes rather than crime accessories.

Gibson's one-month-old child was found unharmed. In court Monday, Kemp pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, arson, theft and auto theft.

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