Lufthansa to allow falcons as passengers aboard flights

German Airline To Let Falcons Fly
German Airline To Let Falcons Fly


German airline Lufthansa has decided to allow falcons in the main cabin of flights.

The predatory birds have been permitted in a new "Falcon Master" tray in an attempt to lure wealthy Middle Eastern travelers who use them for hunting, according to reports. The new accommodations will be available in the coming months.

"The Falcon Master ensures maximum hygienic protection of the cabin walls, seats and carpets from soiling by the birds," the airline said in a statement to the Guardian.

Lufthansa's falcon trays will be in most Middle Eastern flight as soon as six months, a spokesperson told the paper.

Falconry is said by the airline to be "very popular" in the region.

Other airlines allow animals onboard, but usually they are limited to domesticated cats or dogs.

Spirit and United Airlines, both based in the U.S., allow domestic birds, but not poultry or hunting birds, the paper noted.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits are allowed on many airlines. Spanish airline Iberia allows tortoises.

Air Europa allows fish, tortoises and even rodents on most flights. Other pets are allowed if stowed in carry-on luggage and are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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