Kids expect Princess Elsa, must settle for Duchess Kate

Kids Expect Princess Elsa, Must Settle For Princess Kate
Kids Expect Princess Elsa, Must Settle For Princess Kate

Americans are flipping out over the visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton, but little kids are a whole different breed to impress. Watch Duchess Kate's visit with children in Harlem Monday.

Staff told the Duchess that some of the kids were expecting a Disney princess, NBC reports.

"You know they think you're out of 'Frozen'?" one staffer told her.

It's unclear whether the children recognized she was the princess they'd been planning for.

"Do you remember who's coming to visit you today?" the kids were asked.
"Princess," one said.

The kids, ages 3-4, had been planning and prepping at the Northside Center for Child Development, just not for the right royal.

"He's expecting Elsa from 'Frozen,'" a staff member told NBC.

"It's a letter for the princess," a child explained of his project.

On Saturday, The New York Post reported the children were readying a gift for, according to one of them "the princess in the castle."

Well, she does live in a palace -- and The Mirror noted other comparisons -- jokingly wonder if Kate really is Princess Elsa? Notably, they have similar senses of style, meaning they both occasionally wear ball gowns.

The kids presented the princess with gifts of flowers and handmade picture frames.

Kate helped with gifts too -- while she was there she helped wrap Christmas gifts that will be donated.

Plus, she did ask them about their love for "Frozen."

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