Joaquin Phoenix makes strange engagement announcement

Joaquin Phoenix Makes Strange Engagement Announcement
Joaquin Phoenix Makes Strange Engagement Announcement

Joaquin Phoenix was as weird as ever on the "Late Show" Monday night.

And he made a pretty big announcement during the appearance - he's engaged!

Phoenix told David Letterman he met his yoga instructor fiancee when he started taking lessons from her.

And they first met when she was trying to teach him a pretty awkward position called "Harnessing the Hog."

"I don't know if you can see this but it's a compromising and vulnerable position that I'm in," Joaquin Phoenix said on the "Late Show." "And she pulls me up like this and so my Julio Iglesias is right up next to her goulash and she's thrusting."

But aside from that, um, interesting story of how they met, Phoenix didn't reveal many other details about his bride-to-be, including a wedding date or even her name.

But he did say his mystery girl is 6'2, does martial arts and is "huge, kind of monstrous." Alrighty, then.

The internet pretty much exploded after Phoenix announced his surprise engagement, with many media outlets posting about the big news immediately after the show aired.

And his fans on Twitter had a pretty strong reaction to the news too, with many lamenting the fact that he's no longer single.

And Phoenix even has a new movie to go along with his new fiancee. You can check out "Inherent Vice" in select theaters Dec. 12. (Video via Warner Bros. Pictures / "Inherent Vice")

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