'Biggest Loser' champ opens up about recent weight gain, takes on critics

'Biggest Loser' Champ Writes About Weight-Loss Critics in NBC Blog
'Biggest Loser' Champ Writes About Weight-Loss Critics in NBC Blog

Rachel Frederickson, season 15 champion of "The Biggest Loser," stunned everyone on the season finale back in February when she revealed her tiny physique.

Her 105-lb. frame was much skinnier than when she started the reality competition at 260 lbs.

Now, in a blog post for NBC, Frederickson is speaking out about some of the criticism she received for her major weight loss.

"My self-esteem once again was affected by other people's voices - this time, the kind that live forever in Facebook posts or written in the pages of magazines. People tried to bring me down and (privately) succeeded," Frederickson wrote.

Some critics called Frederickson anorexic after the finale aired.

On social media, viewers said they were unhappy with how Frederickson looked. Even former contestants chimed in, including season four contestant Nicole Michalik, who said: "I thought she was shockingly skinny. You could see her bones."

Frederickson has since gained about 20 lbs back, telling Us Weekly, "I think I'm at my perfect weight!"

And she says she's proud of what she accomplished on "The Biggest Loser." As she told the "Today" show back in February:

"I felt so proud of everything I had accomplished. My journey was my own and I loved it. I lived it."
A look at Frederickson's Facebook page shows she's been staying busy by training for marathons and keeping healthy.

To read more of Frederickson's blog about her life since "The Biggest Loser," head on over to NBC's website.

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