American arrested in Israel for plotting to bomb Muslim holy sites

Israel Indicts U.S. Fugitive
Israel Indicts U.S. Fugitive


An American fugitive was arraigned this week in Israel on charges he planned bomb Muslim holy sites, according to Israeli media.

Adam Everett Livvix, 30, fled the country last year while facing drug charges and only surfaced last month in reports he tried to buy bomb-making materials in the West Bank.

Livvix was arrested November 19 in Israel, according to the Jerusalem Post. He had been living in the West Bank under the false pretense of being a former Navy SEAL.

Israeli authorities insist Livvix is from Texas, but court records show he is from Illinois, where he is wanted on an outstanding marijuana possession charge.

Livvix first arrived in Israel on a tourist visa in March 2013, according to the Post. He soon began speaking out against Muslims living in the area around his West Bank neighborhood.

The American soon moved in with an Israeli (IDF) soldier and asked if the military man could help him acquire 1.4kg of "explosive bricks," according to an indictment cited by the Post.

He then asked for help acquiring stun grenades "to protect himself from Arabs while working in Jerusalem," according to the filing.

The soldier agreed and stole six stun grenades, tear gas canisters, and smoke grenades for Livvix, according to the document.

Explosives and fuses were later stolen by the soldier and exchanged for cash, authorities allege.

The fugitive also, at one point, was reportedly propositioned by at least one terrorist seeking to assassinate U.S. President Barack Obama, according to the paper.

Livvix was living illegally in Israel and faces several charges including weapons possession and being an illegal alien.

He initially tried to elude capture by jumping from his seventh-floor balcony to the apartment below, but commandoes immediately took him into custody, the affidavit claims.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation.

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