Woman outsmarts intruder who pretended to be her husband

Woman Outsmarts Intruder Who Pretended to Be Her Husband
Woman Outsmarts Intruder Who Pretended to Be Her Husband

A California woman outsmarted an intruder who had the nerve to get in bed with her and pretend to be her husband.

"I knew right then and there this was not my husband. My heart was pumping so hard," said Alma Przybylko.

The intruder got in bed with Alma Przybylko while she was sleeping and began touching her, even touching her bottom. Luckily, her mind moved quickly.

"If I scream, maybe he had a gun. ... I said, 'OK, just wait, I need to go to the bathroom. I need to pee.'"

Basically, she pretended to believe him -- she called the man "babe" to convince him to let her go to the bathroom, where she locked the door.

Przybylko then heard him walk out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, so she ran to the living room where her real husband was sleeping, woke him, and the two left their apartment.

"That little girl outsmarted the pants off the guy," said her husband, Jerzy.

Her husband was sleeping on the couch because of insomnia and had earplugs in, so Alma also worried that if she screamed, he wouldn't even hear her -- lots of factors she had to consider quickly.

According to KNSD, the suspect left, but may have had more in mind.

"He walked off very nonchalantly ... then returned a few minutes later wearing a different-colored shirt next to an adjacent apartment, and when he was confronted he actually took off running,"
said Sgt. Matt Smith of the Chula Vista Police Department.

Police are still trying to find the suspect. Now, one lesson the couple has learned from this: Lock your doors. The man seemingly got in easily because the front door was unlocked.

According to the FBI's 2011 statistics, more than 30 percent of burglaries nationwide were done without force.

The National Crime Prevention Council has some tips for locking your doors.

For example, if your front door has glass in it, a special kind of lock can help protect against burglars who'd try to break the glass to get in.

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