Walgreens under fire for swastika wrapping paper

Walgreens Pulls Wrapping Paper Featuring Swastika Design
Walgreens Pulls Wrapping Paper Featuring Swastika Design

Walgreens is removing a holiday gift wrap design from its shelves after a complaint the design featured swastikas.

You might have missed the Nazi symbol if you were just looking at the overall image from KNBC, but it's visible if you focus where the lines of the pattern intersect.

Shopper Cheryl Shapiro, who is Jewish, told KNBC that after first seeing the wrapping paper, she attempted to call her rabbi but was unable to get a hold of him.

"I just called for the manager and the assistant manager and they came out and explained what was going on and how upset I was ... I was really putting my foot down because I was appalled by this," Shapiro said.

Walgreens is now in the process of quietly pulling the rolls of wrapping paper from its shelves, making no mention of it on social media.

This isn't the only time the swastika symbol has made news in recent weeks.

CNN reported the Civil Police in Brazil spotted the symbol embedded in the floor of a swimming pool while flying above in a helicopter.

According to the BBC, Hindus and Buddhists used the swastika as a symbol of well-being for hundreds of years before it was appropriated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

In the Western world, the symbol is still most closely associated with Nazism. Walgreens confirmed the company is removing the wrapping paper from all its stores.

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